Contouring & Lifting Eye Cream

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Rich in peptides, marine collagen, elastin and ceramides, the innovative formula will instantly refresh your eye area, reducing the fine lines and wrinkles while creating a lifting effect.

18 bioactive sources for hydration, 14 bioactive sources against wrinkles, 17 bioactive antioxidant sources, 16 bioactive sources for rejuvenation, 8 bioactive sources for purifying the skin, 4 bioactive anti-inflammatory sources, 5 bioactive sources for blood circulation.


30 reviews for Contouring & Lifting Eye Cream: 30+

  1. Rated 5 Out Of 5


    Great texture and so powerful !

  2. Rated 5 Out Of 5


    Cea mai buna! Efect imediat! O folosesc si pe zona liniilor fine de pe gat si am aboservat imbunatatiri dupa cateva saptamani.

  3. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    Mariana Simion

    Excelent produs!

  4. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    R.A. (Verified Owner)

    Sunt fffffffffff multumita!

  5. Rated 5 Out Of 5


    My skin loves it!

  6. Rated 5 Out Of 5


    Verified ReviewVerified Review - View OriginalExternal Link

    Semne vizibile de la prima folosire. Pielea este mult
    Mai ferma și hidratată in jurul ochilor, cu efect de lifting vizibil. Una dintre cele mai bune alegeri Iehana.

  7. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    Mihaela Gherasim (Verified Owner)

    Verified ReviewVerified Review - View OriginalExternal Link

    De la prima întâlnire cu produsele Iehana am fost încântată, cum sunt ambalate, o încântare sa le găsești în hârtia de fina calitate. Crema de ochi este minunată, de la prima aplicare pleoapele si pielea din jurul ochilor au fost mai fericite, miros fin de plante, ca o mângâiere a naturii pe fata ta! Multumesc Iehana!

  8. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    Anonim (Verified Owner)

    Verified ReviewVerified Review - View OriginalExternal Link

    Este un produs extraordinar

  9. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    Claudia (Verified Owner)

    Excelenta pentru piele si ochi alergici si sensibili. Ridurile diminuate.

  10. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    D.I. (Verified Owner)

    Este o excelenta crema contur ochi. Am comandat -o impreuna cu setul prolift si sunt foarte multumita de toate produse. Voi comanda pe viitor si alte produse din gama iehana.

  11. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    aura (Verified Owner)

    Imbunatateste vizibil fermitatea, reduce ridurile si hidrateaza instant si intens.

  12. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    dana (Verified Owner)

    Recomand !

  13. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    Liliana (Verified Owner)

    Este un produs minunat, printre preferatele mele!

  14. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    loredana (Verified Owner)

    Foarte mulțumită

  15. Rated 5 Out Of 5


    O crema perfecta pentru o zona sensibila, un miros delicat, ingrijeste si hidrateaza intr-o sinergie completa, este un produs pe care o sa il folosesc constant in rutina mea.

  16. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    Crina (Verified Owner)

    Am observat atenuarea ridurilor după prima saptamână de utilizare. Vă mulțumesc !!

  17. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    laura (Verified Owner)

    foarte multumita de toate produsele anti-aging comandate de la voi !

  18. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    Gabriella (Verified Owner)

    Este foarte buna!

  19. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    Oana Alexandra Amzar (Verified Owner)

    Verified ReviewVerified Review - View OriginalExternal Link

  20. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    Laura T. (Verified Owner)

    Cel mai buna crema incercata pana acum pentru zona ochilor

  21. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    Silvia Raluca Radu (Verified Owner)

    Verified ReviewVerified Review - View OriginalExternal Link

  22. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    Linca Adina (Verified Owner)

    Verified ReviewVerified Review - View OriginalExternal Link

    Excelenta crema!!multumesc!

  23. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    Andreea (Verified Owner)

    O crema extraordinara! Lasa pielea din jurul ochilor foarte hidratata.

  24. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    Oana Elena G. (Verified Owner)

    Verified ReviewVerified Review - View OriginalExternal Link

  25. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    Madalina Rus (Verified Owner)

    Verified ReviewVerified Review - View OriginalExternal Link

    Aveam în jurul ochilor câteva punctulețe roșii care mă deranjau iar pielea din jurul ochilor era foarte uscată și mă strângea uneori. Am comandat crema contur pentru ochi și de 3 zile de când o folosesc punctulețe roșii au dispărut și odată cu ele și senzația de arsură a pielii. Cu adevărat o cremă care își face treaba foarte bine! Sunt extrem de mulțumită!

  26. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    Boaghe Irina (Verified Owner)

    Verified ReviewVerified Review - View OriginalExternal Link

  27. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    Monica Fodor (Verified Owner)

    Verified ReviewVerified Review - View OriginalExternal Link

  28. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    Anonim (Verified Owner)

    Verified ReviewVerified Review - View OriginalExternal Link

    Ca toate cremele Iehana, patrunde usor in piele si lasa o senzatie de hidratare. Foarte placut de utilizat.

  29. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    Diana O. (Verified Owner)

    Verified ReviewVerified Review - View OriginalExternal Link

    O textură foarte cremoasa și în același timp delicata cu pielea. So far 5 stars!

  30. Rated 5 Out Of 5

    Elena Marica (Verified Owner)

    Verified ReviewVerified Review - View OriginalExternal Link

    Nu am folosit inca produsul achizitionat, insa sunt incantata de modul de prezentare si de mostrele-cadou oferite. Voi reveni cu un update dupa folosirea produsului. Multumesc, Iehana!

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- helps correct skin dryness
- lifting effect
- protects against future dehydration
- reduces fine lines and wrinkles
- calms the delicate eye area

Lemon balm

Echinacea Extract

Brazilian Ginseng Extract

Haritaki extract


Hyaluronic acid



Pomegranate extract

Borago extract

Green tea extract

Centella asiatica

Kangen water

Pomegranate seed oil

Marine Collagen

Rice oil

Vitamin B3

Vitamin A

Lemon balm

Melissa Officinalis Extract

Recognised for the rejuvenating properties.

Echinacea Extract

Echinaceea Purpurea Extract

Echinacea is effective in improving skin hydration, reducing the appearance of wrinkles

Brazilian Ginseng Extract

Pfaffia paniculata

Rich in vitamins the Brazilian Ginseng is ussed for anti-aging effects.

Haritaki extract

terminalia chebula

Haritaki is an ingredient of the popular formulation Triphala, or 'three fruits', a rasayana which also contains Terminalia belerica (Bibhitaki) and Phyllanthus emblica (Amalaki). Haritaki was first mentioned in Chinese medicine in 1061 and it is also used in Tibetan medicine, where it is referred to as the 'king of medicines'.


Aqua, Glycerin, Palmitoryl tripeptide 5

Peptides are naturally occurring amino acids, which are building blocks of the protein collagen. Peptides are one of the most promising discoveries in the last few years which provide significant anti-aging benefits.

Hyaluronic acid

(sodium hyaluronate HMW)

Has the ability to penetrate the skin and its unique moisturizing properties make the skin softened and repaired thereby a significant anti-wrinkle effect is achieved.


Our body produces collagen on a regular basis, but, it slows down with age. Applied on skin, it provides elasticity, helping it to appear more youthful and healthy. One of the most well-known benefits of collagen is its ability to promote glowing, vibrant skin.


Elastin helps the skin to maintain its firmness and elasticity.

Pomegranate extract

Punica Granatum seed oil

Rich in nutrients which fight against wrinkles.

Borago extract

borago officinalis extract

It is appreciated in cosmetics for its features of cutaneous regeneration. It improves the structure and appearance of the skin, and increases its elasticity.

Green tea extract

(camelia sinensis leaf extract)

Rich in antioxidants, tonic, revitalizing, regenerating, nourishing, photo protective and radiant it maintains skin’s elasticity.

Centella asiatica

centella asiatica leaf stem extract

Acts as an anti-aging, toning, firming, conditioning and restorative agent, has collagen stimulating properties, helps scar tissue reduction and skin barrier function restoration.

Kangen water

Kangen Aqua

Is an antioxidant with anti-aging effects. Kangen Water has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and it is considered to be living water with miraculous properties.

Pomegranate seed oil

Punica Granatum seed oil

Extremely nutritious and rich, perfect for all skin types.

Marine Collagen

Marine Collagen is extracted from fish and it improves skin elasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Rice oil

oryza sativa bran oil

Rice bran oil contains a large percentage of fatty acids that are rich in Omega 3 and 9. It contains rich levels of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and proteins

Vitamin B3


Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, is particularly beneficial for: acne, redness associated with rosacea, inflammation. It has also been shown to be effective in post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation cases. It works as a skin protection barrier, helps maintain hydration and reduces wrinkles, improving the overall appearance of the skin. Properties: - attenuates acne and blemishes - reduces redness, hyper-pigmentation - strengthens the skin protection barrier - prevents skin's water loss - revives skin's tone and texture - improves skin's elasticity - reduces sebum

Vitamin A

(retinyl palmitate)

Increases cellular enzyme activity and stimulates collagen synthesis. It has a very powerful anti-wrinkle effect. Properties: - skin regenerator - increases the activity of skin enzymes - helps in the process of cell division - stimulates the proliferation of cells in the epidermis - slows down the aging process of the skin - improves skin's elasticity - helps regenerate the skin affected by sun exposure - stimulates collagen synthesis - reduces fine lines and wrinkles

To eye area in the morning and evening after cleansing the face with the Bi-Phase Elixir make-up remover.
Kangen aqua (kangen water), oryza sativa bran oil*(rice bran oil), glyceryl stearate (glycerin), potasium stearate (stearic acid potassium salt emulsifiant), hydrolyzed elastin (elastin), hydrolized collagen (gelatin), citrullus vulgaris seed oil* (watermelon seed oil), squalane, sodium lactate (sodium salt of lactic acid), glycerin, glycozyl ceramides, phospholipids, acrylate/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer cholesterol (ceramids), sodium hydroxide, oenothera biennis oil* (sun drop oil), borago officinalis seed oil* (borage seed oil), cetearyl alcohol (fatty alcohol emollient), niacinamide (vitamin B3), punica granatum seed oil*( pomegranate seed oil), rubus idaeus seed oil* (raspberry seed oil), ribes nigrum seed oil* (black currant seed oil), palmitoyl tripeptide-5, zizyphus jujuba leaf /seed stem extract*(jujube extract), cistus incasus flower/ leaf stem extract*(leaves and stems of the rock rose), gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf stem extract*( gynostemma extract), mellisa officinalis leaf stem extract* (balm mint extract), terminalia chebula fruit stem extract*( black myrobalan extract), camelia sinensis leaf stem extract*(green tea extract), centella asiatica leaf stem extract* (centella extract), sylibum marianum seed extract* (Saint Mary's thistle extract), echinaceea pupurea flower extract*( purple coneflower extract), adansonia digitata fruit extract*(baobab extract), plafia paniculata root extract* (Brazilian Ginseng root extract), altaea officinalis root extract* (marsh-mallow extract), lithotamnium calcareum extract* (marine red alga extract), xanthan gum, cetearyl glucoside sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, ascobyl palmitate, cananga (cananga tree) odorata flower oil*, pelargonium roseum oil (rose oil)*, tochopherol, lactic acid, citronelool**, geraniol **, retinyl palmitate (vitamin A), linlool **.

*Ingredients from organic farming