All the products we offer are made from 100% natural botanical ingredients: Kangen water, essential oils, cold-pressed organic butters, herbs and, our secret ingredient… passion.

We guarantee that all our Iehana products are absolutely free of any chemical ingredients, parabens, mineral oils, silicon or synthetic colorants, etc. The medicinal plants in our special formulas are obtained in ecological crops. We only use natural vegetal fertilizers to sustain our crops. In Japanese, the word “Kangen” means “return to origins”.
Kangen water is exceptionally pure, suggesting a return to this element’s origins in pristine underground springs, water’s return to its origins – before being touched by pollution. In the past, people used to go to the Himalayas in search for drinking water with a hexagonal alkaline formula. This was known to be very good in preventing disease, which is the reason why the company Enagic has decided to patent this alkalizing and purifying water device. The company has started manufacturing these devices in 1982.

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