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Breaza, str.Razboieni nr 9, Prahova
+40 (728) 574 965 (L-V 8:00-18:00)

About us

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Iehana is a family business that started in a small mountain town, called Breaza. It began from our love for nature and our desire to create organic and effective skincare from seed to bottle.

We have pioneered using the Japanese ingredient – Kangen Water in cosmetics. Kangen Water is highly alkaline, ionized, anti-oxidant and has beneficial effect in favouring skin rejuvenation.

In Japanese ‘Kangen’ means “return to origin”. Kangen water is a water so pure that it suggests a return to the pristine origins of our planet, before the effects of pollution.

We have developed and patented a technology of extracting the active principles from plants, using the alkaline Kangen water.

Everything we do is 100% handmade and every Iehana magical potion is  filled with our positive energy. We have an exquisite selection of some of the most effective natural ingredients on the planet, which we grow with love in our greenhouse.

From planting the seeds, we bring the creams to existence, working with care every step of the process to create these magical experiences.

We deliver 100% Organic beauty treats, which embrace an exquisite selection of the most effective natural ingredients on the planet.

Approximately 80% of Iehana’s magic ingredients come from our own organic farm. We only use vegetable fertilizers to support  Iehana’s crops.

We have been committed from the very beginning in researching and developing revolutionary recipes, that we produce in our own laboratory,  from the seed to the bottle.

Our mission is to deliver the most effective skincare treats and the most wonderful experience we can imagine.


Am folosit cremele de fata, cremele de corp, sapunurile delicate de fata (preferatul meu, cu lavanda). De cateva luni incerc sa inlocuiesc cat mai multe produse ce continelemente chimice necunoscute cu produsele Iehana, naturale, create cu dragoste, grija si pasiune pentru natură, pot  spune doar: Multumesc Iehana

Monica Davidescu

Inainte de orice vreau sa va felicit pentru produsele Iehana. Ma bucura foarte tare sa vad că exista si in Romania o doarinta atat de mare de a crea ceva natural si organic si ca si nisa careia ne adresam cu totii se mareste pe zi ce trece. Sunt minunate produsele cu totul, de la prezentare, branding si compozitie. Este admirabila grija pe care o dati detaliilor.

Andreea Raicu

Indragostita nebuneste de Prolift Night Creme. Dupa multi ani de nopti pierdute in mod constant, fumat, vin si mancat pe fuga (poor choices), este singura crema cu care tenul meu a aratat impecabil din prima saptamana. O textura bogata si un miros pe masura. Ideala pentru un ten pretentios care tolereaza doar dermato-cosmetice, cum este al meu. Tot 5 stelute si pentru Narumi, crema de corp cu ciocolata, nu poti sa-i rezisti. Nu poti!

Luana Stefan-Voicila

Recomand cu mare drag, in sfarsit am ajuns printre multe alte produse pentru ten pe care am cheltuit degeaba sa găsesc un produs bun , de buna calitate și la un preț accesibil ! Mulțumesc Iehana sunteți minunați !

Cosmina Alina

Cele mai bune creme ever  !!! Până v-am descoperit am cheltuit o groază de bani pe uleiuri, creme de la brand-uri de lux, iar acum sunt pe deplin mulțumită. Muuuult love!!!

Odette Rzhannikova

Am incercat recent cremele Iehana, dupa ani intregi de cautari a unei creme potrivite tenului meu, sunt extraordinar de multumita si sigur o voi recomanda tuturor celor care vor ceva cu autentic realizat din ingrediente exclusiv naturale. Multumim Iehana si asteptam noile produse

Ciorata Florentina

Produse extraordinare, se vede ca puneti si suflet in ceea ce realizati! Hidratare in profunzime, esente delicate plus miracolul apei kangen! Never ending addiction! Love it!

Alexandra Anton

100% Handmade

The Iehana Cosmetics collection is handcrafted using the finest nutrient-rich ingredients. We manufacture in small batches in our laboratory so that our products are as fresh as possible when they arrive to you.


Every package has its own ritual being personalized with a handwritten note for every customer. We care about the little details, therefore, you are the most important for us.


All our Iehana products are absolutely free of any chemical ingredients, parabens, mineral oils, silicon or synthetic colorants, etc. Our formulas are guided by the European reglementations of Ecocert. We do not test our products on animals.


Skin is the first thing you see, so it’s important for us to take good care of it. We are committed to use only natural ingredients in our products for the results they deliver, and because 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body within seconds

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