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About us

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Why Iehana?

Iehana is a family business that started of the desire to create products which represent the needs of the modern woman. We deliver 100% Organic beauty products, which contain an exquisite selection of natural ingredients. We are proud to be the first cosmetics brand in the world to use the Japanese ingredient – Kangen Water.

In Japanese ‘Kangen’ means “return to origin”. Kangen water is a water so pure that it suggests a return to the pristine origins of our planet, before the effects of pollution. Kangen Water has beneficial effect in preventing disease and favoring skin rejuvenation. Kangen Water helps the blood neutralize acid substances at a cellular level.

Approximately 80% of the Iehana collection ingredients come from our own organic farm. We only use vegetable fertilizers to support the Iehana’s crops.

We have developed and patented a technology of extracting the active principles from plants, using alkaline Kangen water.
We have been committed from the very beginning in researching and developing revolutionary recipes, that we produce in our laboratory.

We believe that development, passion and devotion
are the steps that guide us in creating the magic Iehana products.


All the products we offer are made from 100% natural botanical ingredients.


All the products we offer are made from 100% natural botanical ingredients.

100% Handmade
The Iehana Cosmetics collection is handcrafted using the finest nutrient-rich ingredients. We are daily manufacturing with love and passion, so that our products are as fresh as possible when they arrive to you.
Every package has its own ritual being personalized with a handwritten note for every customer. We care about the little details, therefore, you are the most important for us.
We guarantee that all our Iehana products are absolutely free of any chemical ingredients, parabens, mineral oils, silicon or synthetic colorants, etc. Our formulas are guided by the European reglementations of Eccocert.
Skin is the first thing you see, so it’s important for us to take good care of it. We are committed to use only natural ingredients in our products for the results they deliver, and because 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body within seconds.